• Computer repair
    Troubleshooting and repair of PC's and components
  • Data Backup and Protection
    We provide easy, affordable solutions to help you protect your data before a computer disaster strikes.
  • Windows errors
    System crashes, error messages, and slow operation are often symptoms of Windows errors.
  • DSL/Cable/Broadband install
    We can install, set up, and repair your high speed internet connections- wireless too!
  • Email and internet setup
    We set up your accounts so you can access the Internet and your email quickly and easily.
  • Installing new hardware
    Need more memory or a larger hard drive? Want to install a scanner or printer?
  • Set-up new computers
    We will unpack, place, connect, and initialize your new computer.
  • Network setup
    Connecting computers together allows you to share information and work more efficiently. We can configure wired and wireless networks in your home or office.
  • Maintenance
    Computers need periodic maintenance in both hardware and software to keep them running like new. Don't wait until they crash before you act.
  • Secure HARD DRIVE Wiping
    Deleting files is not safe. Before you get rid of your old computer or hard drive, we can wipe it so nobody can scavenge your personal or business information.
  • Virus and Spyware removal
    Viruses, and Spyware can cripple your computer. Does your computer have constant popups? Acting strangely, shutting down unexpectedly ? Running slow ? Mind of it's own ??
  • Personal Firewalls
    Stop hackers before they access your computer. If you use the internet or email, you need a firewall!
  • Data recovery and Hard Drive Rescue
    We can recover your critical data lost due to computer disasters- deleted files and programs, corrupt Windows installations, and hard drive problems.

Please call us at the first sign of hard drive problems, it could be worse than you think. Best to turn off your computer and not use it until you can get technical help.

  • Emergency/Priority Service Options
    If you need critical service - Emergency services are available. We can respond to off business hours requests.

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