We specialize in total satisfaction. We want you to come back ! So we do our very best to make your experience with us the best possible.  

Doctors, Dentists, Therapists, Property Managers, Sales Reps, Home Business, Real Estate Agents, Attorneys, CPA's, Homeowners, Students, Teachers, and many more are all potential clients. 

Whether it's one computer or 20 computers, we can help!

Kokuatech is committed to offering the best customer service at reasonable prices. You each have unique needs and situations, and we take pride in offering individualized solutions. Extensive experience many facets of software and hardware. Fast, efficient Service at your office or home Reasonable rates Satisfaction guarantee

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

We also know our success depends on your satisfaction. We promise to do whatever we reasonably can to make you happy. If you are not satisfied by the quality of our work, we will either fix the problem, or if it can't be fixed, refund the cost for that service. Please read the next section carefully, because it spells out some important issues about computers and computer repair.

Examples of what we do guarantee 

  • Problems with any hardware or software we install, due to installation.
  • Conflicts from installation of hardware or software where a patch or fix is available
  • Problems that relate directly to work previously done: for example -We connect and test your DSL connection, and the next day you can't get online. We install a printer, and it works when tested. The next day, it won't print. We install Microsoft Office, and it works after testing. Later that evening, you can't open a Word document.
  • Parts that we sell you, without providing a store receipt.
  • A solution we provide for one problem creates another obvious problem.

Examples of what we do not guarantee 

  • Problems with any hardware or software we install, due to product failure, manufacturing defect, or incompatibility. (Covered by manufacturers warranty)
  • Conflicts from installation of hardware or software where a patch or fix is not available
  • Problems that do not relate to work previously done: for example - We install a computer, and the next day another unrelated computer stops working. We remove a virus from your system, and in a couple days, you get the same (or a different) virus.
  • A new problem develops that we were not aware of before or during the services we are providing.
  • Parts we purchase on your behalf that you reimburse us for, with a store receipt.
  • A solution for one problem creates a another problem that is not obvious, usual, or expected.

We guarantee our work within reason. Any work performed by Kokuatech is guaranteed for a period within a timeframe that is considered reasonable by Kokuatech. If problems arise from the work that was performed, we will fix the problems free of charge, unless of course, there are other problems that are present that were not part of the work performed by Kokuatech.

Due to the complex nature of computers, sometimes unintended and/or unexpected problems can result. In fact, sometimes a solution to one problem can lead to other problems, this is what we call "peeling the onion". Because computers are a system involving both hardware, and software, it is difficult to understand all the problems that might be present, so we ask for your cooperation to bear with us. We will do our very best to solve your problems. We will do whatever we can, within reason, to avoid such problems, and to rectify them wherever possible.

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