Network Surveillance Systems

With demand for surveillance is ever increasing among both businesses and residential, IP surveillance technology is the method of choice. Today's digital cameras are much more sophisticated and offer exceptional image quality over analog based cctv systems.  Traditional analog cctv systems lack the flexibiility, image quality and progammability that IP based systems can provide.

High definition IP cameras provide superior detail to analog CCTV system, providing resolutions of up to 5 Mega pixels per frame. This provides a high quality picture, zooming capability for the ability for facial and license plate recognition.

A surveillance system by Kokuatech can aid Owners and Managers of businesses & properties that suffer from the following:

  • Loitering
  • Graffiti
  • Vandalism
  • Illegal dumping
  • Illegal Parking
  • Theft
  • Illegal Activities

Cameras systems are deployed for a variety of reasons and can find them at retail businesses, factory floors, homes, apartments, landmarks, schools, financial institutions and transportation centers as examples. Applications range from basic security and safety to quality control monitoring.

IP-based cameras connect directly to IP networks, record at higher frame rates, and have better resolution then analog cctv cameras. They can pan, tilt and zoom, and many have one-way or two-way audio capabilities. The monitoring and management software have special features for to trigger alarms, and e-mail alerts when certain events occur.  Motion detection areas can be setup within a frame that can trigger an event when motion occurs. Usually the system to begin recording when certain events occur or timers are set. Examples of motion events might include a person walking into the frame or a car driving across a designated area.

Since these systems are IP-based, you can monitor, record over the Internet or across private data networks. The video can be carried anywhere the IP network extends, as opposed to closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems that require proprietary equipment and dedicated cabling.

Wired and wireless networks allow location flexibility. The camera-monitoring software is robust, and highly scalable.

True day and night capable cameras coupled with smart recording algorithms that can be configured to only record on motion, during specific hours, all the time, or on any number of specified events captures and stores high definition video that can later be viewed remotely on any windows computer or Smartphone. The advanced client software enables quick and easy access to stored and live video with an intuitive interface that allows the user to browse by property, camera, time, and event.

IP System Benefits:

  • Utilizes existing IP infrastructure
  • Highly scalable - no fixed hardware or dedicated cabling, easy to expand
  • Flexible camera placement: PoE eliminates need for local power source; Wireless network eliminates need for hard-wired ethernet cable
  • Remote viewing from anywhere/anytime via a standard Web browser
  • Standards-based, allowing multi-vendor solutions and integration
  • Better image quality than closed circuit TV (CCTV) analog systems
  • Open storage and server systems scale easily and relatively low cost
  • No degradation of video - since it's all digital, what is captured by the camera will not be subject to noise from sending the video to the recorder

Kokuatech has expertise in the area of IP based Surveillance systems.  We can provide you a free consultation to review your surveillance needs.

We are IQeye Partner Certified and offer the quality and sophistication of IQEye cameras in our IP based system designs.

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